What a Survivor Wants,
What a Survivor Needs
© 2001 by Marilyn D. Davis

Our island* life is quite a bore
we're sick of all this rice;
we never knew we'd have to starve
and live among the lice.

What we need now is something cool
to stimulate our day,
'cause bickering among ourselves
just doesn't seem to pay.

Please send us food and beer and books,
a Discman wouldn't hurt;
CDs and shades and--don't forget--
some soap to wash off dirt.

We'd also like a game show host
who doesn't pry or gloat,
or make us say things we'll regret
before we cast our vote.

A generator would be nice,
a dirtbike would be too;
we wouldn't mind a VCR,
a razor and shampoo.

We need some things to keep us from
destroying one another,
so send us tapes and we can watch
what happened on Big Brother!

* You can substitute "outback" or "desert" for the word "island,"
as appropriate.
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