Biography of Marilyn D. Davis
Marilyn is not used to referring to herself in the third person, but since her biographer is on sabbatical, she'll give it a shot. 

Marilyn lives, works and writes in the Chicago area.  Her short stories and humorous essays have been published in local print media and on the Web, at live sites (e.g., IrascibleProfessor, Helium, and eBay and a few defunct ones (Themestream, millenniumSHIFT, TechnoCursed).  Works in progress may be found lining the floor of her car, written on scraps of paper on her bedside nightstand, and scrawled on the inside of her left palm. 

Her essay "Painted Ladies Rule" was published in 2001 in the Simon & Schuster book Chocolate for a Woman's Dreams, edited by Kay Allenbaugh, and her essay "My Unkissed Self" was published in mid-2002 in Chocolate for a Teen's Spirit.  "The Highlight of My Day" was published at the end of 2002 in Chocolate for a Woman's Courage.   She also had an essay published in 2004 in Misadventures of Moms and Disaster Dads.

Marilyn's legendary, but no less incendiary, writings have yet to be published in PieQuarterly, The New Yakker, or Mispeller's Review, but she's working hard at it--submission makes purfect.

She enjoys collecting fossil crinoids on the beaches of southwest Michigan and someday hopes to have enough to fill a bathtub.  Presently, her collection could fit into one 24 ounce mayonnaise jar, without the mayonnaise.

P.S.  If you have any promising publication leads, or wish to pay big bucks to read her unchronicled works, please send an e-mail from the link on the site's home page and make her decade.
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